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A Stylist’s Guide to Strategic Holiday Packing

A Stylist’s Guide to Strategic Holiday Packing

Packing for holiday involves hours of arranging outfits on your bed, repeatedly emptying your drawers out to find last summer's pieces you'd forgotten about. This process is perplexing, maddening and can involve a few tears of frustration (how do you have so many clothes and nothing to wear?!)

While we can’t completely take away the stress of holiday packing, we can help you with omitting a few items from your case. It’s easy to be a chronic over-packer, and no item gets piled high quite like shoes – but what if (with some careful planning) you only needed one pair from airport arrival to date night dinner? What may seem like an impossible feat is one that our stylists have tackled and, in the process, saved you valuable suitcase space by creating day to night outfits with just one pair of shoes. Is it possible to make MM6 sneakers work as evening wear? It certainly looks that way.


The Shoes: I’d choose black Margiela trainers. When going on holiday, my personal concern is always shoes: you want a comfortable, convenient shoe that will go with every outfit. That is why I chose a simple, yet appealing black trainer from Maison Margiela; the classic style will go with almost anything. 

Smart/evening look: The Maison Margiela sneakers work just as well for the evening as they do for day: with their smooth appearance and suede panels, they’re sleek sneakers. Turning these into a nighttime look isn’t difficult: simply add a shirt, smart trousers (I’d choose Neil Barrett’s adjustable hem trousers) and I'd finish it off with a pouch.

Travelling Look: On the move? C.P. Company’s cargo trousers are a practical choice: fill up the pockets to avoid carrying additional luggage. Add a simple Stone Island t-shirt and I’d pack a lightweight jacket like the Water-Repellent Jacket by Polo Ralph Lauren which will protect you against any unexpected weather.


Shoes: I focused my look around the MM6 Safety Strap Platform Runners. Comfortable, versatile and fashion-forward, what more do you want from a holiday shoe?

Daytime look: For day time I’d keep things casual and relaxed – you don’t want to feel restricted while navigating a new city, or walking down to the beach. I’d opt for a graphic t-shirt and denim shorts (these would layer nicely over a bikini or swimsuit). I’d add an Off-White mini bag so you can keep sunscreen and your other holiday essentials close-by.

Evening Look: MM6 Sneakers for the evening? Absolutely. To add femininity to an evening outfit I’d wear it with the fitted alexanderwang.t dress, accessorising with a Burberry Bag and a pair of fun Saint Laurent shades to match the playful aesthetic of this outfit. While wearing sneakers with kind of outfit may seem ‘out there’ keeping things in monochrome makes it an approachable look that I think anyone can try.

Travelling Look: These sneakers were made for travelling. Got the wrong gate? You’ll be able to run through the airport and still make it on-time. Partner the sneakers with a cosy sweatshirt (because aeroplane aircon is always far too cold) adding some casual denim and a bag to complete the look.



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