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A Stylist's Guide to Moncler 1952

A Stylist's Guide to Moncler 1952

Moncler’s Genius collections have become highly anticipated launches in the fashion calendar since their inception in 2018. Moncler 1952 is named after the year that the luxury Italian outerwear company was founded and is designed by in-house creative Sergio Zambon. This collection is about representing Moncler from the inside out, the other Genius collections focus on the creative visions of external designers to imbue the brand with something completely unexpected.

The collection focuses on youthful pieces that are for those who live in the city and spend time in nature. The collection comprises of hoodies, denim and, of course, iconic puffer pieces. What’s most important about this collection is its versatility: the colour scheme and styles can slip seamlessly into your existing wardrobe just in time for autumn.

Despite the excitement and intrigue that surrounds Moncler and its campaign for ‘Genius’ ideas, when it comes to the individual pieces it’s natural to feel a little stumped on styling. Thankfully, this is where our resident stylists can shed some light on the recent collection and the best ways to wear it.



It is the season to visit trails - especially national parks. Hiking clothes need to be comfortable, but these days they can be fashionable too. If you aren’t planning on improving your fitness, athleisure chic is still an important trend that Moncler 1952 effortlessly exudes in their latest designs. The 2 Moncler 1952 hoodie and sports trousers make a great base from which to build an outfit. The reversible Prele Jacket would work either way round; metallic side up for something more futuristic, or the yellow side giving a burst of colour to your fall wardrobe.



Consider a casual approach to Moncler’s 1952 collection. The textured ‘Freak’ jumper makes a great base to create a chilled-out outfit, I’d create a monochromatic look opting for Fendi track pants and Alexander McQueen white and black sneakers. A pop of yellow on the strap of an Off-White bag punctuates the outfit and is practical too.



With autumn around the corner, the Moncler Skull Knit is the perfect piece for the upcoming weather. I’ve matched it with the smart D&G trousers as they complement each other perfectly.  The Moncler bumbag is the ideal accessory to go hands-free and keep your essentials safe. To finish the outfit I chose the Gucci’s sleek rectangular shades. This is a pulled-together look, which shows a more sophisticated side to Moncler; a brand often associated with sporting and casual wear.


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