A Stylist's Guide to One Piece Styled 3 Ways [Summer Edition]

A Stylist's Guide to One Piece Styled 3 Ways [Summer Edition]

Packing for holiday can be confusing, whether you’re negotiating the limits of the carry-on case or having to pre-plan every outfit for a two-week getaway. One of our favourite tricks for keeping our cases streamlined is to pack a few hero pieces that can be used to create several looks: this keeps the number of items in our cases down, and our outfit choice up. We’ve asked our stylists to choose one piece and show us three ways to wear it.



Hero Piece: The ‘holiday shirt’ is a summer staple, it’s versatile because it works for daytime and evening wear. Amiri’s take on the classic style has a slightly oversized fit and open collar making it the perfect choice for a holiday.

Casual Brunch Look: For a daytime outfit I’d choose light colours, opting for beige tailored shorts and a canvas Gucci belt bag for practicality. It’s casual but a pulled together look.

Candlelight Dinner: To accessorize the shirt for a more formal occasion I’d add all-black accessories, adding texture and edge with a Christian Louboutin studded pouch.

City Break, Daytime Look: For city breaks comfort is key so I’ve chosen comfortable and practical white Givenchy tennis sneakers, adding light blue Balmain jeans and a t-shirt to keep things casual, without being sloppy. Layer the Amiri shirt on top to create an outfit that you’ll want to recreate when you get home.



Hero Piece: Hats are as stylish as they are practical, if you’re planning a getaway to sunnier climates it’s important to keep your head cool. I’d opt for the Burberry bucket hat, Bucket hats are an increasingly popular style and will make your summer outfits a lot more interesting.

Casual Dinner: Evenings don’t always have to be over-formal if you'd prefer to opt for something more relaxed I’d wear the Burberry hat with Yeezy sandals and a black Joseph jumpsuit.


Day at the beach: Planning on spending a lot of time at the beach? Bikinis are seaside uniform, but you can’t leave the house in one. Saunter round town post-sun-bathe in Alexander Wang denim cut-offs and don't forget the beltbag belt bag (to keep your hands free for eating ice cream).