A Stylist's Guide to Paul Smith

A Stylist's Guide to Paul Smith

A Stylist's Guide to Paul Smith

Paul Smith is one of the most renowned and best-loved British designers, and we don't say that lightly. With a steep heritage in menswear Smith is renowned for imbuing the traditional suit with an artistic flair. The playful elements he adds to traditionally stayed workwear go almost undetected in a lining or on a cufflink, these subtler additions are juxtaposed with eye-catching, photographic print shirts and brightly woven knits.

Few fashion houses enjoy such an illustrious career as Paul Smith, who, after opening his first store in 1970, is celebrating 49 years of menswear design this year. A feat seldom enjoyed by such a transitional and, at times, fickle industry. To weather the inevitable changes that arise while running a company over decades, brands often find themselves bought by larger organisations to facilitate their longevity.  Paul Smith is not one such company. The fashion house remains independent: with Smith himself being the majority stakeholder.

Smith's designs are as relevant today as they were almost half a century ago. The house's most recent collection has now launched online and in-store at Giulio. Expect to find forward-thinking tailoring in the form of velvet and satin suits set alongside the perfect pairs of patterned socks to peek out between your black brogues and the hem of your trouser. Whether you'd like to dabble in Paul's world by investing in his signature 'artistic stripe' or try a head to toe look, we asked our resident stylist, Alex, to create autumnal outfits from the must-have pieces.



For a casual look, I had to start with the black wool Buckle Detail Jacket as its one of my favourite pieces from the FW19 collection. I’d take out the lining to reveal the t-shirt underneath which features a David Bailey print. I wanted the look to be an everyday ensemble so I’ve added a pair of Saint Laurent denim jeans and the colourful Paul Smith sneakers. For accessories, I’ve added the trapper hat which was featured heavily within the catwalk show and is the perfect accessory to keep your head warm during the winter months. No look is complete without a bag and this leather sling version is ideal for holding your belongings. 




For a smarter look, the standout piece for me is the corduroy suit which I have used as the base for this outfit. Black and navy are widely considered a fashion faux pas but, if done well, the two colours can work in harmony. Underneath the suit, I’d choose the monotone ‘New Masters’ print shirt which features a mixture of inspirations that Paul Smith found in his studio. For the footwear, I have picked the black patent leather shoe which is a classic style that can be appropriated with other pieces from your wardrobe. A smart look isn’t complete without the addition of some accessories, especially a beautiful leather belt. For finishing touches I’ve added socks and a sleek 'Artist Stripe' bag.



The last look is inspired by Paul's love for print and colour and takes a more creative approach to the FW19 collection. This look embodies what Paul Smith is about; wild prints and incredible tailoring. Starting with the jacket, I have chosen the Gents Mac and paired it with the Artist Studio Print Hoodie to create a contrast between a classic check and the bright painting on the jumper. Continuing on this theme, I’ve matched the check jacket with the check trousers and added the explorer sneakers as the colours complement those on the hoodie. Lastly, I’ve added a green leather belt and a striped sock to compliment the rest of the look.