A Stylist's Guide to Picking the Perfect Shades

A Stylist's Guide to Picking the Perfect Shades

A Stylist's Guide to Picking the Perfect Shades

The pair of shades you take on holiday is a key decision in curating your summer wardrobe. They’ll be worn daily for most of the season, and they’ll feature in almost all of your holiday snaps. The size, shape and style will come to epitomise a summer: that’s why last year’s shade just will not do.

But how to choose the right pair for your hols (and insta-ready snaps)? Luckily we have stylists based at our Cambridge store to help guide us in making better accessory choices. Crisis averted. We asked our stylist’s for their favourite shades for a variety of holiday scenarios.



AIRPORT AGENDA - Everyone knows that the holiday begins at the airport – so, it's important to have the right shades before lift-off. And while it may not be sunglasses-appropriate weather in departures hopefully the sunshine will greet you at arrivals. Some classic shades are a great sartorial choice as they’ll pair perfectly with any comfort-led airport outfit you've chosen.

POOL PARTY - Everyone holidays differently and the 'party summer' is definitely a popular one. If you’re on your way to Ibiza, or a summer festival abroad then your shades will be leading your look (it’ll be too hot to wear much else). We’d recommend taking the opportunity to stand out in a pair of purple Balenciaga’s. It’s summer: have fun with it.

SUNSET PINA COLADAS - The sun’s out late: and your sunglasses should be too. If cocktails at sunset are more your vacation vibe than a midday boat party then we’ve got that covered, or rather, Saint Laurent has. Tortoiseshell, with gold YSL monogram hinges: these sunnies are nothing if not classic.



RUNWAY READY - Just because it’s an airport doesn’t mean it ain’t a runway. As soon as you touch down putting on the perfect pair of shades will set the tone for your holiday, and you can’t go wrong in Gucci. The minimal frames go with almost anything and the fact they’re a little oversized isn’t an accident: it’ll hide that 4am wakeup.

POOLSIDE - Mojito in hand, a good book in other, bikini on and now all need are the shades to match. Use your eyewear to make a statement and set your poolside persona with Balenciaga’s coloured lenses.

DINNER AL FRESCO - Perhaps your ideal summer involves more dinners on the piazza and less porn star martinis by the pool. Luxuriously long dinners are what holidays are made for - keep things on the chic side with Dior’s oversized pink visor frame.