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A Stylist's Guide to Stone Island

A Stylist's Guide to Stone Island

Stone Island seeks to deconstruct fashion from its very fabrication. You only have to look at its innovative Shadow Project collections to see that this brand is far from style over substance. If Stone Island can push the needle forward on the technical aspects of garment construction: it will.

Beginning in 1982, as a subsidiary line of the C.P. Company Massimo Osti created the iconic Tela Stella fabric when a batch of discarded truck tarps ended up at the company; utilising his creative mindset paired with experimental washes a new material was created. And so, a brand was born. Since then, the company’s dedication to producing reflective, weather-proof, reversible, dual-layer jackets with removable linings have become part of the brand's appeal.

But it’s not all jackets. Through Stone Islands just-below-the-radar appeal it has fostered a cultish appeal that can’t be manufactured. Proudly embracing subcultures, current creative director and CEO Carlo Rivetti, enjoys bridging the gap between luxury and streetwear. The brand's distinctive sleeve patches and compass logo are attributed to t-shirts, sweatshirts and other casual wear staples symbolising one’s allegiance to a fashion house a little less ordinary.

If you’re new to Stone Island, an ardent fan, or not yet found the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe let our resident stylist, Alex, guide you through their designs. Below he offers up a variety of approaches to a brand steeped in history that continues to pursue a wholly futuristic outlook.



"For the first look I’ve chosen the Paintball Camouflage look. Stone Island always push boundaries with their outerwear and this jacket is no exception. Different coloured inks are fired at the resistant Cordura fabric through an innovative technique to create a camouflage pattern; making each piece unique. The garment is then treated with an anti drop coating to ensure it is water resistant. The camouflage pattern is used on the jacket, cargo pant and bag that are all featured within this look. To complete the look, I’ve added a Stone Island T-shirt layered underneath a Y-3 hoodie which layers underneath the jacket, creating a stacking effect with the hoods. To continue the colour theme of the look, I’ve included the Y3 Zx Run sneaker."



"The second outfit is a more casual, everyday look, featuring Stone Island essentials. Starting with the jacket; I have chosen the Garment Dyed Crinkle Reps Jacket; a classic. The jacket is constructed out of a lightweight nylon fabric, that has been coloured with an anti-drop dye, as well as a wind resistant inner resin coating which makes the dye take to the fabric unevenly, creating the crinkle effect on the surface. I’ve layered the classic Stone Island polo underneath as well as adding DSquared2 jeans and Hugo Boss belt. Lastly, I’ve added the Christian Louboutin sneaker and a Gucci bag to complete this casual-luxe look."



"For the last look, I’ve chosen a Ghost Piece from Stone Island. The main concept behind Stone Island’s Ghost line is the idea of camouflage and blending into your surroundings by creating entirely monochromatic garments, including the iconic badge. The jacket I’ve chosen has a military inspiration in regards to fabrication as it uses a military-grade wool and linen blend. It is also garment dyed with the addition of the anti drop agent that is a key feature in a large majority of Stone Island’s outerwear. I’ve decided to keep to the monochromatic theme of the Ghost piece, with an exception to the classic Stone Island t-shirt layered underneath the jacket. Over the top of the jacket, I’ve added the Stone Island cross body, harness bag. Keeping to the military theme and influence, I’ve grouped in the Neil Barrett Cuffed cargo and added the Margiela Future sneaker in its all black iteration. The final touch that I’ve added is the Gucci necklace."


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