An introduction to 4 Moncler HYKE

An introduction to 4 Moncler HYKE

An introduction to 4 Moncler HYKE

Radically simple, 4 Moncler HYKE embraces an understated and refined aesthetic while boasting an innovative and highly functional array of seasonal pieces. Hideaki Yoshihara and Yukiko Ode, the authors behind the cult Japanese brand, merge a formal interest for vintage silhouettes and historical uniforms. Achieving a sense of clean utility, the authors successfully reimagine the heritage of the item, taking inspiration from the house’s extensive archives to form garments that are well suited to current lifestyles.

   In a nod to the history of the brand, military wear and sportswear are at the core of this collection, representing an aesthetic that first led Yoshihara and Ode to open a vintage store in Tokyo. Soon after opening ‘Bowles’ in 1997, the pair began designing original items under a label they later named HYKE, as it better articulated a fresh starting point whilst reflecting the evolution of design. 4 Moncler HYKE serves as an ode to both the designers, drawing interest from an extensive collection of vintage garments and collective expertise.

Upon formulating their Moncler Genius collection, HYKE drew inspiration from the brand’s iconic selection of archival pieces, naming the '1960 Terray Coat' and retro uniform clothing from France as a key influence for the collaborative capsule collection. The application of a clean, utilitarian style and adoration for the technicality of performance clothing positioned HYKE as an optimal match for the spirit of Moncler.

Yoshihara and Ode’s enthusiasm for historic utilitarian details are developed with the innovation and artistry created from Moncler’s advanced technical fabrics and sewing techniques. In an exquisite example of this innovation, the dynamic, practical, and versatile Altels Down Jacket is designed with outstanding protection from the elements as the use of 2-layer GORE-TEX INFIUM ™ ripstop nylon with heat-sealed boudin quilting to the exterior shell makes for a supremely practical garment in a seamless style. This design formula creates a collection that seamlessly infuses HYKE’S signature sleek and pared down silhouettes with the infamous aesthetic of Moncler’s streamlined puffers and hooded parkers. Lines are pure and streamlined as monochromatic compositions create an exquisite palette that is beautifully versatile.

4 moncler hyke altels nylon down jacket4 moncler hyke altelsis nylon down jacket


Maintaining a perfect continuity between the men’s and womenswear collection, the project emulates a mirroring of shapes and colours that feel decidedly metropolitan. Breaking the boundaries and defying conventions, the Moncler HYKE collection n° 4 introduces the Roseg Jacket for women in an oversized collarless cape style that is certain to grab the attention of passers-by, without compromising on its uber-practical design. The oversized statement is a design feature continued throughout the collection as a classic crewneck jumper is upgraded with the Scuba Jersey Sweatshirt that features dropped shoulders that create a more relaxed and casual style 

4 moncler hyke scuba jersey sweatshirt4 moncler hyke scuba jersey sweatshirt4 moncler hyke roseg cape down jacket


Teddy Fleeces, layered pants, pleated skirts, and dresses further assess the pragmatic, uniform-infused spirit of the collection. Promoted by an array of ribbed cardigans and tabard dresses, the collection is almost entirely defined by its innovative approach to packable designs and hidden functions, creating ease for travel. Look to the Languard Parka for an innovative packable design as the garment is consciously constructed with a removable interior to showcase a much more minimal design. 

4 moncler hyke logo cotton jersey t-shirt4 moncler hyke logo pleated midi skirt

Heritage and evolution have always been the HYKE bywords. The same philosophy has been transcribed into the 4 MONCLER HYKE collection, delivering a message that is effective, warm and concise.


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