An Ode to McQueen for Halloween

An Ode to McQueen for Halloween

An Ode to McQueen for Halloween

Alexander McQueen has long been synonymous with dark imagery, gothic inspiration and infamously associated with skull iconography. His designs imbue gothic motifs with decadence; elevating them in a way other designers haven’t successfully been able to. It is no coincidence that at this time of year, in particular, we’re highlighting the late designer’s legacy – what better holiday to enjoy McQueen’s darkness than Halloween? Steeped in history of its own, the holiday is founded on ancient traditions surrounding spirituality and souls. Whether you observe the holiday or not, before things get too festive, we’ll be wearing our skull accessories proudly.

We don't expect you to go in full fancy dress, we're suggesting a subtler approach: socks peeping out from below the cuffs of your trouser hems and t-shirts that are too good not to wear year-round.



A t-shirt is as timeless as it is inspired by the gothic holiday. There's a skull for every temperament from the graphic melting skull design to the scribbled castle skull t-shirt. You can wear them under a simple bomber jacket or pair with tailored trousers and a brogue for a more refined approach to your styling. 


Just imagine, it's the 31st of October, and while it's no longer age-appropriate for you to be trick-or-treating (unless you're supervising a toddler) you can still wear something spooky. If deep down you wish you still had the opportunity to dress up you'll be pleased to know you can attend your 9 to 5 in a pair of McQueen socks.


Skull iconography is no stranger to jewellery and there are many forms in which it can take: leather bracelets with twin skull heads to a detailed ring with menacing skull faces at the front. The hinged bracelet features decadent detailing and looks sophisticated with tailoring, or layered with your other favourite pieces for a grungier look. You'll be wearing your McQueen jewellery long after October.