Introducing: côte&ciel

Introducing: côte&ciel

Introducing: côte&ciel

“In French, our name means coast and sky. Two worlds stretching toward each other. Your eye pulls them together, and you create the horizon. A limitless line, an endless experiment.”

Founded in 2008, the Paris born company is one that takes immense pride in not only the products that they put out, but also in the journey that they take in order to create them. Proudly banishing pencils and patterns during the design process, côte&ciel proclaims to be led by the fabric and by intuition. Their formula leads them to create pieces that both complement and enhance one another, and at GIULIO these fun, technical pieces have become a firm staff favourite. We've broken down why. 


Products featured above: Ashokan Ballistic; Aar Ballistic


With any côte&ciel product, versatility is an overarching feature, meaning that no matter whether you’re investing in an oversized, all-purpose backpack, or an extra-small zip-up pouch, there will always be a multitude of ways to wear it. From different strap configurations to giving you the ability to physically alter the shape of your new accessory to suit your needs, these bags push past the point of simply being stylish, falling into a space of practicality that few other brands have even attempted to explore.

Take the Aar Ballistic for example, you can own one product and have 5+ options to choose from. Large enough to carry a 13” device in backpack form, and compact enough to be carried in one hand as a messenger bag, it’s a product you’ve just got to play around with. Similarly, the Ashokan Ballistic can be transformed from a backpack to a waist bag through its assortment of clips, zips, fastenings and carabiners, and even features a built-in stowaway hood so you will never be caught out in the rain again- they really have thought of everything.



Products featured above: Kohilo Bag; Tara Medium; Adda SmoothAshokan Ballistic

Sometimes- and by sometimes we of course mean most of the time, buying a new bag is less about how much stuff you can squeeze into it, and more about how good you’ll look doing it. One of the things that makes côte&ciel who they are is their focus on blurring the line between wearable and carriable pieces. The Kohilo Bag is a really unique piece, designed in the shape of a double-ended sleeve. It can be worn tied around the waist, shoulders, or diagonally across the torso- however you decide to wear it, it’s a piece that works particularly well when paired up with other items. We chose to style it with the Tara Medium and the Adda Smooth, attaching the handbag to one of the carabiner clips on the strap-style bag. Both of these pieces are particularly adaptable, perfect as add-ons to pretty much any other côte&ciel accessory.


Products featured above: Inn M; Riss MemoryTech

Occasionally, however, you do just need a bag that you can fit as much in as humanly possible- but there's no need to feel like you're lugging around a bulky, school rucksack. Of course, any one of the côte&ciel products will have been designed with practicality at its core, but if you really just need a spacious bag that packs a punch, there are plenty of products in this line that would be especially well suited to you. If you need a sleek and compact way to store your laptop and all of its accompanying tech, the Riss MemoryTech is a smart, sharp option. Even the smaller handbags and pouches such as the Kivu S and the Bubble Isarau Small Bag have been designed to maximise space in a compact way.

So, if you do find yourself with a million and one things you need to bring with you to work tomorrow and want look good doing it, côte&ciel will most likely be your best bet.


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