Everything You Didn’t Know About Amiri

Everything You Didn’t Know About Amiri

Everything You Didn’t Know About Amiri

You may already be familiar with the Los Angeles rock ‘n’ roll brand, but if you’re not; don’t worry. A fairly new label, set up in 2014, you’d be forgiven for not recognising Mike Amiri’s eponymous label. What started as a few pairs of leather jeans in a single department store became a worldwide success since its conception: now boasting fans from the likes of Gigi Hadid to Justin Bieber. The signature distressed pieces and off-duty style haven’t just garnered popularity amongst celebrity, Amiri’s clothes have also received recognition from within the industry; in 2018 he received a CFDA nomination. With a brand that seems piqued to become a household name what better time than now to get to know Amiri?

Amiri is an eponymous label set up my Mike Amiri Pusa

Pusa was born in Beverly Hills, California to parents of Iranian origin. His roots are firmly in the Californian ethos and lifestyle, his work embodies the city where he grew up: Los Angeles. Although, his love for his home town spans far beyond a source of inspiration: all of his garments are manufactured there.

Mike Amiri is credited with founding K-POP (yes, really)

Long before his days in fashion Mike Amiri produced music, wrote songs and performed as part of the Korean hip-hop group; Drunken Tiger. Drunken Tiger was one of the first commercial successes of the Korean Hip Hop genre, often cited as being one of the founding groups of the genre. While Amiri no longer performs he has clothed the bandmates of current KPOP superstars BTS.

Amiri started in a basement

Before Amiri was a fully fledged fashion house there was one man in a basement, who found a classified ad for a pattern cutter and posted pictures of the garments they created together on Instagram. One of his earliest posts reads: "Just making this for no reason at all. No sales, no editors, no stores in mind. I just want to make something really special."

Mike Amiri was 38 when his brand was stocked by its first store

Amiri worked as a consultant for a long time helping both large and small fashion companies grow. Lacking the funds to begin his own label, he learned everything he could while working for other houses and internalised the information. After making a pledge to start his own label in 2014, Amiri started producing his own clothing landing him a space in the prestigious Maxfield store in L.A.

His employees are all asked to wear lab coats and gloves

Inspired by the ateliers of Europe, Amiri wanted to bring the same sense of luxury and uniformity to the L.A. fashion scene. His clothes are made exclusively in his home town and he is passionate about more brands utilising their city’s manufacturing history to develop their fashion lines.

He shoots some of his designs with a shotgun

Amiri is elusive with the details about where the t-shirts are shot and who shoots them, but the designer is proud of the process and the inherent uniqueness it brings to his garments. Two t-shirts can never be exactly the same, and faux distressing doesn’t give the wearer the same conversational starter as ‘do you like my t-shirt? It’s been shot at’.

Amiri was nominated in the emerging talent category CFDA 2018

Quick to attain recognition for this label, Amiri was nominated for the 2018 Council of Fashion Designers of America awards with only hand handful of other labels. The CFDA awards are prestigious and respected far beyond the bound of the industry, to be credited with success so early on in his tenure as a fashion house he’s sure to go to more successes.

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