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Moncler Wants to Take You on a World Tour

Moncler Wants to Take You on a World Tour

When I think of a ‘World Tour’ I think of rock musicians, late nights, legions of fans and their comradery; friends travelling cross-country to get a glimpse of their idols, and very, very little sleep. But, mostly, I think of music – a stadium packed with an audience; screaming, singing and dancing. Hiroshi Fujiwara also thinks of music when he uses the phrase ‘World Tour’ in his latest #MONCLERFRAGMENT collaboration.

Fujiwara is a musician and DJ (as well as a stylist, writer and entrepreneur), music is an integral part of his aesthetic and has been woven into his life since his early life in Japan. Hiroshi was inspired by music from a young age; fascinated by punk-rock and began travelling to New York and London in search of inspiration to bring back to Japan. Many of his designs in his latest #MONCLERFRAGMENT collaboration (launching tomorrow) are named after music genres: Scar, Raggae & Mor. The new collection comprises of logo t-shirts, jackets and large embroidered logo backpacks (perfect for carrying your life on your back while on your own World Tour.

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In this collection is everything you need to be part of a World Tour that… didn’t happen? Or is the act of this collection being released and the idea that these garments will be bought everywhere from Tokyo, to New York, to London a World Tour in and of itself? It’s a fascinating concept; giving the loyal (and new) fans of Moncler a chance to be part of something bigger. Because what’s a World Tour without fans?

The collection drops tomorrow (28/03/19) 10 am GMT.