Versace Sneakers Gifts For Him

Sneaker Club: Gifts For Him

Sneaker Club: Gifts For Him

It’s no secret that Christmas is approaching, surely, we are not the first to broach the topic with you. Perhaps an over-bearing relative or particularly festive-minded friend mentioned the C-word sometime around the beginning of September? You may very well have dismissively batted away their advances with responses such as “It’s ages away” or “I don’t need to think about that yet”. In the intermediary time between then and now your local supermarket has dedicated aisles to the season, and now, most store windows are beginning to look a lot a Christmas.
Whether you’re willing to accept it or still wish to keep your blinkers firmly on when it comes to all things seasonal, Christmas has arrived, and you might need to think about it. However, before your stress levels raise at the very notion of having to make a gift decision for your hard-to-please partner then, please, remain calm. Giulio Fashion has curated no less than 10 gift guides to inspire and delight you so that you can wander through our consolidated lists (sherry in hand) to help you navigate shoes, accessories and clothing in order to find a gift that will truly wow the recipient. Or, perhaps, you’ve been looking for a not so subtle way to let your friends know what you want? Sending a few gift guide links couldn’t hurt, could it?
Without further ado may we introduce the Sneaker Club. A highly curated list of our favourite sneakers that we know, for certain, will make a great gift. Most of the pairs our firmly on our own Christmas lists (here’s hoping we’ve all been good this year). From the iconic red soles of Louboutin’s to Off-White’s hyped up designs there’s more than a few pairs to consider. Below are a selection of highlights hoping to spark your imagination when it comes to giving the gift of footwear in 2019.




For the guy who always looks sharp




For the young at heart



For those always on the go