Sneaker Obsessed

Sneaker Obsessed

Sneaker Obsessed

ABOVE: Louis Junior Spike Sneakers

It is not breaking new ground to say that sneakers are in fashion. So, if you weren’t already aware: sneakers are having a moment right now. Whether you wear Converse (with an added Comme des Garcons flair) or are one of Virgil Abloh’s legions of fans – there is a trainer for everyone, and everyone is in them. Clubbing was once a place reserved solely for stilettos – now there is hardly a heel in sight. The ‘no sneaker’ rule of the noughties is slowly being shelved, after all, when was the last time you saw a gentleman out in a dress shoe (aside from a wedding this summer)? Something changed in the last ten years and now we are inseparable from our favourite casual shoe.

Sneaker Obsessed Blog Post Dsquared Sneaker

ABOVE: Rapper's Delight Sneakers

Sneakers evoke a sense of fun unlike any other item of clothing, they uniquely lend themselves to never looking over-dressed. We fawn over their every detail: the thickness of the sole, the shape, the colours, high or low top. Sneakers polarise us and can spark fierce debate about which are cool – and which are decidedly not. Trainers have become a symbol of fun, one that we’ve coveted since childhood, and now that we are all grown up, we are not ready to let go of.

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ABOVE: Replicant Ozweego Sneakers

Perhaps in our fast-paced, social media driven lives, which invite us to compete with our peers, we need the appropriate accompanying footwear that allows us to (literally) keep up. Sneakers enable the swift completion of errands in a way a more formal shoe never could. They allow us to do all of this without feeling one-hundred per cent grown-up; sneakers aren’t synonymous with ‘being an adult’. A suit is much less intimidating with a pair of sneakers at the base. For once fashion has favoured an item of comfort, and while I am sure another style will reign supreme somewhere in the not too distant future, I’ll be wearing sneakers for now.