January In Review: Men’s AW19 Fashion Week

January In Review: Men’s AW19 Fashion Week

At last; February. Whether you set yourself 'new year, new me' resolutions or didn't step foot in a gym most of us are feeling relieved that January has drawn to a close. The self-imposed post-Christmas austerity is over, and perhaps the end of winter is in sight? That's not to say January has been all bad: it brought us men's fashion week which was filled with plenty of #outfitinspo. What better time, then, to relieve the best moments of men's fashion week to keep our fashion spirits high as we patiently wait for spring?



Armani played with textural monochrome looks and continued their development of eco-wools and convincing alternatives to fur (which the house banned in 2015). The focus on eco was tied into the show’s concept which was inspired by the animal world; displaying animal motifs and wild patterns set against urban ideas. The palette was cold, but the texture was rich; there were fur on fur looks and overcoats teamed with roomy backpacks and who could forget the eccentric, furry moon boots?

The take away: Don’t be afraid of going monochrome with your outfit, mix prints and textures instead.



One of our favourite new houses is Ami, founded in 2011, who this year brought us the very best Parisienne fashion in the form of a tonal beige and muted brown palette. The whole show was effortlessly chic and crescendoed as the muted pink curtains breaking up the room were lifted to reveal the Eiffel tower.

The take away: Layer everything– layer your shirts with cardigans, and top with a coat (there's no such thing as too much)!



Fendi brought together classic shirts and ties and assembled them with items synonymous with a more casual dress code. The house’s classic tan and brown palette was king, and Fendi showed off several of their logo designs in their collection – bringing back a curly FF logo designed by Lagerfeld in the ’80s.

The take away: #logomania is still trending, wearing coats or bags covered in a house’s emblem isn’t tacky it’s chic.



Paul Smith never fails to deliver a collection steeped in colour and print – your eyes are never bored at a Paul Smith show. This season Smith returned to his roots and took inspiration from his very first suits made in the ’60s which he would charm tailors into making for him: resulting in one of a kind suits made out of curtains and shirts created from floral dress fabric.

The take away: Be inspired by Paul Smith’s drive to express himself – use your outfit to express your mood, your culture or whomever you wish to be.



Valentino’s collection was out of this world. For this collection, Pierpaolo Piccioli worked with Jun Takahashi of Undercover to create impeccable suits and overcoats decorated with UFOs and other extra-terrestrial motifs. “It’s about rethinking the sartorialism and the idea of a suit in the time of streetwear. I wanted to keep the values of the house while having a different approach: much more relaxed and much easier,” Piccioli said.

The take away: Suits aren’t just for businessmen – add a cap and trainers, streetwear doesn’t have to be sweatshirts.