Trendspotting: Gucci Hats

Trendspotting: Gucci Hats

Selecting our summer eyewear is a seasonal decision we’re accustomed to making. Familiar with the shapes and styles that exist we cross-reference the current trends, consider what suits our face and arrive at the perfect cross over between style and function (hopefully picking something we won’t regret when we’re flicking through our holiday photos next year). However, far less of us prioritise headwear to monopolise our sun protection and style. These days we’re more aware than ever that there isn’t such a thing as too careful when it comes to UV. Although, you no longer have to sacrifice design for practicality: summer 2019 is about protecting yourself and still making it fashion with a capital F.


Gucci Hat Editorial 01


Last week, new season Gucci hats arrived at both our online and physical retail spaces. The excitement and need for good headwear were palpable in the office when the uncharacteristically strong heat was raging outside (Cambridge, our home city, broke the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK). But it wasn’t the heat that hat gone to our heads – it was the hats. Fedoras, baseball caps, and bucket hats decorated with monograms, prints and patterns were enough to give anyone a serious case of logomania. The fun and delightfully gaudily logo-ed hats embody the season; they don’t take themselves too seriously, as summer dressing never should.


Gucci Hats Editorial Image 02


Highlights from the collection included a coated cotton bucket hat which leans into the streetwear style that has become part of the 2019 summer dress code and a traditional canvas baseball cap that offers a more classic view on headwear. Whatever your preferred style Gucci’s inspirational and opulent photographic campaigns suggest how to wear them; with more monograms and shared with friends; this headwear is genderless.


Sunglasses may be a non-negotiable summer accessory but after this selection of monogrammed and patterned hats? We're starting to become hat-people too.