Trendspotting: Key Themes from the Sale

Trendspotting: Key Themes from the Sale

Trendspotting: Key Themes from the Sale

Everybody knows at this time of year (almost) every website has a sale running. Giulio Fashion is no different. As we say goodbye to the year perhaps its time to say hello to a trend that you were reluctant to try? Or a style was just out of budget? Below we've curated a few key trends that we spotted running through the sale collections. From 2019's star trend: tie-dye (that doesn't show any signs of slowing in popularity) to the perfect shade of beige our sale is bursting with fashion inspiration that will allow you to enter the new year with a fresh sartorial mindset.



From its inception decades ago tie-dye has been a controversial trend, you either love it or hate it. But have you tried it?



The future is coming, literally, the new year is about to begin – start it in something out of this world. Metallic is trending and these sale pieces utilise the bold trend perfectly.




A shade that defined a season, embracing the warm-honey hue is one way to stay toasty when the weather outside is less so. It's a colour that will carry you right into spring.




While camouflage was designed to keep you hidden away these pieces will have you standing out in the best possible way.