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Trendspotting: Men's Pouches

Trendspotting: Men's Pouches

For a long-time women have coveted bags. They’ve fawned over their cuts, colours, trims and linings. Obsessed over their pristine care, and loved them like children. For the last few decades, society has viewed bags primarily as a ‘women’s item’ – it’s ridiculous, but it’s true. However, it would seem that times are changing. Fashion houses have revisited and revived the man bag or ‘murse’ (man + purse) for guys that are ready to get excited about bags. And you’re in for a treat – there are hordes of designs to try with one style in particular that has caught our attention: the pouch.

What essentially translates from a woman's wardrobe as a clutch is being turned out by almost every major fashion house. There are sleek designs from Thom Browne featuring his classic stripes, graphic Versace pieces with all-over print, and not forgetting the stud-encrusted favourite by Christian Louboutin. What once was a social taboo is now a fully-fledged trend. There couldn’t be a better time for this trend to have manifested. Why? A pouch makes the perfect accompaniment to formal wear, there’s no need to fill up your suit pockets at a wedding – simply place your possessions in a pouch. Below are some of our favourites this season.

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