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Trendspotting: Plastic Pink

Trendspotting: Plastic Pink
Everyone remembers millennial pink. It was a moment. Like all the things that start as good, new or fresh ideas they soon become appropriated to the point of exhaustion. There was a definite barely-there millennial pink migraine. The hashtag on Instagram has over 120,000 posts and you couldn’t enter your local supermarket without finding a collection of homewares displayed in the hue. The pastel colour started to gain traction circa 2014, around the time Sophia Amoruso opted for it on the book jacket for her now-infamous Girl Boss manifesto, and beauty brand Glossier started using it as their unofficial brand colour. Soon the shade was cemented in society as a socially acceptable way to enjoy the colour pink. But it’s not 2014 anymore.
Millennial pink got old, and pink needed a rebrand. Standing out is the new blending in. In a world driven by social media and with important cultural conversations happening a mile a minute, people want to be heard and pastel pink isn’t loud enough. The natural successor is a colour so in your face, we could only think to call it one thing: plastic pink. As in THE plastics. As in Mean Girls. 




Arguably the original modern-day feminist movie, the plot pivots from cliché high-school shenanigans to reasoning with the nuances of teenage cliques and adulthood. Tina Fey produced something ahead of its time, a film that it is almost an understatement to call a classic. The line, inspiring the name of this particular colour, is from the moment in the movie the ‘Mean Girls’ impose a new rule on their protégé and declare that on Wednesdays ‘...we wear pink’. That’s the kind of pink we’re referring to that bubble-gum fuchsia, not-quite-neon hue. In the past, it was a playful, anything but serious colour. Now it means business. 
From MSGM’s statement wrap dress to the perfect pair of candy colour Gucci glasses: plastic pink has spread across the FW19 line-up. It’s a colour you have to wear with intention and conviction, no one picks up a bright pink piece to blend in. Considering everyone from Moncler to MM6 has included the hue the fashion houses know we’re ready for it.
The conclusion? On Wednesdays, we’ll most certainly be wearing pink.




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