Trendspotting:  Classic Father's Day Gifting

Trendspotting: Classic Father's Day Gifting

Trendspotting: Classic Father's Day Gifting

When it comes to gifting, traditional presents have been shunned in recent years; people are tripping over themselves to conjure up the most original-seeming ideas. While this can lead to personal gift giving, I think that we’re forgetting why the classics were so great in the first place – a new tie, designer cufflinks or a sleek wallet aren’t things high on most Dad’s shopping lists (if they even have a list at all). The idea of a gift is to truly treat the person you love: giving them something that they would seldom find the excuse to buy for themselves.
With this in mind we’ve approached our Father’s Day suggestions with the idea that the classic is the new contemporary – and giving him something he’ll want to keep forever is a pretty special thing.


Wallets are an iconic Father’s Day gift – give your Dad an upgrade with a sophisticated Paul Smith khaki number or a monogrammed Valentino wallet. Either way, he’ll be delighted to trade in his over-used and under-loved wallet for something a little more luxurious.
Father's Day Gifts Wallets
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A designer belt is a sign of a well-rounded wardrobe. With that in mind, choosing a classic design for your Dad could prove a gorgeous gift that he’ll be wearing almost every day. Gucci offers a subtle, yet sleek logo version and BOSS has a range of colours for Dad’s who don’t do black.
Father's Day Gifts Belts
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Summer is around the corner, so what better time to kit you dad out with a special t-shirt to accompany him on holiday? C.P. company boasts a range of colours in classic fits, and Balmain has the perfect signature t-shirt.
Father's Day Gifts T-Shirts
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The idea of a classic gift is that it will be used time and again. If you choose right, a dress shoe rarely goes out of style and is an item your Father will have in his wardrobe forever. Bestow upon him the joy of owning a pair of classic Valentino driving shoes or Thom Browne's stylish brogues.
Father's Day Gifts Dress Shoes
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