Giulio Fashion Futuristic Christmas Campaign Image

Virtually Christmas: Why Giulio Is Thinking to The Future in the 2018 Christmas Campaign

Virtually Christmas: Why Giulio Is Thinking to The Future in the 2018 Christmas Campaign

While Giulio is a man behind the online and physical retail spaces, the name has gone on to represent an entire ethos, a style and a group of people dedicated to bringing you the latest fashion pieces. With this in mind, Giulio’s Christmas campaign plays on the companies’ aspirations and beliefs: a dedication to modernity and an optimistic attitude to everything tech and futuristic.

Giulio’s Christmas campaign is far from traditional.  It features futuristic technology and there’s (almost) not a Christmas tree in sight. It is digital and forward thinking, but we wanted to know more about the concept from the man himself. We interviewed Giulio to find out what inspired him to commission such an unusual piece of artwork.


Where did you begin your research for the Christmas window?

Every year there is a desire to create an original Christmas window, this year I started early in seeking inspiration. I was at a buying appointment and I came across a T-shirt with an interesting logo of a monster. Straight away started my journey to find the idea for the Giulio Christmas campaign; the colour of the monster red on a white background - I guess the colours are what drew my attention and made me think of Christmas!


That sounds very different from where artwork we see now - how did you take this unusual inspiration and turn it into the campaign?

I later saw a video which reminded me of Ironman (one of my favourite movies) and it got me thinking about how Christmas might look like in the future. I wanted to look at the idea of Christmas in the future and how people may select gifts, how might people celebrate Christmas, what will their surroundings be like?


It is a really striking piece of artwork – who created it?

A friend of mine, Jonny. He’s a graffiti artist and has done some previous work for us.


What was the collaboration process like?

I got in touch with Jonny and we discussed the idea of a typical Christmas scene at home and what might it look like in the future. We started to explore the idea of virtual reality, that’s when the idea of a virtual mask came up and everything exploded from there, the tree, the fire, the screen, all as holograms. The whole Christmas scene could be totally virtual.


Giulio is obviously a company that looks towards the future, the Christmas campaign aside, what are you look forward to about the future of technology and the future of Giulio?

I am thrilled to be part of the global online digital retail challenge, to continue to develop exciting opportunities and challenges for my teams and customers, not only by being first in offering the most up to date fashion products to its consumers and as quickly as possible, but providing customers with the ultimate online and offline shopping experience, making Giulio a desirable shopping destination.