What Sunglasses to Wear According to Your Face Shape

What Sunglasses to Wear According to Your Face Shape

Sunglasses For Round Face Shape
What it looks like: The length and width of your face are roughly the same.

What to wear: To contrast the shape of your face try something square or rectangular. Opting for round shades can accentuate the roundness of your face. You don’t have to avoid rounded shapes altogether but anything overtly circular isn’t a good fit. How about aviators with rounded corners?
Sunglasses For Oval Face Shape
What it looks like: Your chin is slightly narrower than your forehead.

What to wear: The oval face shape is the most versatile and you can wear a lot of different designs. Keep in mind with this shape that you want to make sure the glasses don’t extend over the edges of your face as this will make your face longer and thinner than it actually is.
Sunglasses by face shape oval
Sunglasses by face shape square
What it looks like: You have a strong jawline and your forehead is somewhat broad.

What to wear: You have a great jawline (lucky you). However, you don’t want to look like a square - opt for circular designs with soft lines and avoid anything too angular.
Sunglasses for square shape face
Sunglasses For Heart Face Shape
What it looks like: A heart-shaped face is wider at the forehead and much narrower at the chin.

What to wear: Squared frames balance out a narrower chin, and aviators work really well at this. If you have small features keep the frames small too, otherwise the glasses can leave you looking a little bug-eyed.
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