What to Expect From 7 Moncler Hiroshi Fujiwara

What to Expect From 7 Moncler Hiroshi Fujiwara

In 2019 forming alliances to assert positive change is commonplace. Social media has facilitated the ability of collectives and movements to thrive when world events are cause for concern. People are uniting as an army of forward-thinking minds using their voices to inspire progress. Hiroshi Fujiwara has put his finger on the pulse of the current social trends. His third collection with Moncler is based on the concept “Team Positive Force”: an army assembling for the power of good – the antidote to negativity and destruction.

Fujiwara’s ability to tap into the mindset of the current cultural climate has been something that's stuck with him throughout his career: the designer rose in popularity at 18 for creating Harajuku street fashion in Japan. He solidified his station as taste-maker by brining hip-hop to Japan after discovering it on a trip to New York in the 1980s. In 2019 his aptitude for the culturally relevant has not waned. With such a tenured position within the fashion and music industries, his latest collaboration with Moncler is cause for excitement.

Utilising the overarching theme of “Team Positive Force” Fujiwara has imbued the collection with vintage and military styles that he’s mixed with his heritage in the urban and streetwear scenes. Vintage-style, screen-printed lettering, checkerboard stripes (used on aircraft by the British Royal Air Force) and fabrics such as military satin are just a few of the elements imbued with a military flair. The pieces come together to form a cohesive and considered collection that a dystopian army of do-gooders can be seen wearing in the striking visual teasers for the collection.

While lofty themes may have inspired the collection the pieces are highly wearable, dominated by classic shades, expect to find your wardrobe staples: black, navy blue, khaki and grey. There are just enough pops of bright colour for the streetwear fanatics (the orange puffer marries Moncler attention to detail with modern graphics perfectly). This collection drops in time for the autumn and winter months, investing in a Moncler piece that is so unique is something we don’t think you’ll regret.

The collection launches on Thursday 03rd October 2019 at 10AM GMT