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What to expect from #MONCLER1952

What to expect from #MONCLER1952

"One house, different voices" was the phrase being uttered for the first time one year ago by Remo Ruffini the CEO of luxury Italian outerwear company Moncler. Since then we’ve viewed two Milanese exhibition spaces filled with the creative ideas of designers, each interpreting Moncler from their unique creative standpoint. But Moncler didn't need to adapt due to sinking engagement or sales: the brand was producing highly successful pieces, and profits were rising. We seldom see a brand extend itself to find more creative ways to produce work unless necessity is the driving force. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it - right? But Moncler wanted to mean more. What was once a luxury outerwear company is now at the forefront of something completely different; an alternate business model. Genius.

The core Moncler collection still exists and this is released as collection 2 (each collection is given a number from 0-8). The collection is designed by Sergio Zambon, an in-house creative, and named after the year in which the company was founded, 1952. Zambon described his latest collection as about being laid back, for the kind of person who lives in the city but also loves nature. The whole collection is relaxed, with a loose 70’s vibe that can be seen in the fringing details, tie-dye and graphics. His goal was to show Moncler through more youthful eyes, making it contemporary and giving an iconic brand a sense of “realness”.

It may seem unlikely that each collection produced by Moncler could be so different: but they are. It goes to the credit of whoever curated the roster of designers. The result of the Genius project is a Moncler for every mood, personality and persuasion. Needless to say, Moncler 1952 doesn't disappoint.


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