Women's Tourgeville Trench Coat

Outerwear has never looked so elegant until Moncler debuted their Tourgeville trench coat. Its creamy gabardine material shows the outerwear brands attention to design with its sophisticated silhouette boasting a front zip closure, snap button pockets and a micro gabardine waistband. If its timeless silhouette and innovative details did not make it clear, the trench coat features a logo at the sleeve to make it unmistakably Moncler.
  • Micro gabardine fabric
  • Front zip closure
  • Concealed buttons
  • Pockets with snap button closure
  • Micro gabardine waistband
  • Cuffs with fastenings
  • Grosgrain Moncler logo
  • COLOUR: Cream
  • COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester
  • ORIGIN: Hungary
  • REC: 49333
  • ID: 1C0000954A1K201